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Welcome to the LCPD


The LCPD is the GTA IV PC/360 Division of the X-Raiders Network. Created by friends for the fun of gameplay, the LCPD is the perfect Team to test new mods, downloads or simply to play along with friends on a team-based way.


Experience the thrill of action busted Hot Pursuits into the highly crowded population of Liberty City.


"Bring justice to Liberty City, join us today!"

Think you have what it takes to join the LCPD?

  • Do you like donuts?
  • Do you know someone who works in a donut shop?
  • Do you fancy donuts the night in your dreams?
  • Do you smell when you run?

If you have one of theses conditions, you are elligible! View this video for more information about the true story of now Sergeant Brian O'Toole.



The LCPD are nearly all using Ventrilo as communication matters.

Server IP:
Port: 4903